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                     Hemp for Energy

  The entire  world  economy  is run by fossil fuels, and  hemp  is  the  ideal   replacement  for a new  energy source. No other plant can compare to its   ease and rate of growth. It  can  be grown in almost any climate and even
  in poor quality soils. It requires less  water than most other crops and can   thrive without herbicide or pesticide use. It is the most biomass rich plant   on the face of the Earth, producing  four  times  as  much  potential as its   nearest rival, corn.

  Through  the  use  of  hemp  biofuels, every  country, family  and  individual   would become energy independent and not have to buy energy ever again.   Hemp  seed  oil  can  also be made into paint, varnish, detergent, solvents   and  lubricating  oil  totally  replacing fossil fuels all while being biodegrad-
  able and ecosystem friendly.

  Hemp converts  the  sun’s  energy into cellulose faster than any other plant   and  can  produce  10-tons  of  biomass  every  four  months for every acre   grown. Hemp could supply the entire energy demand of the United States on only 6% of its land.

  The use of hemp for energy will mean  the  total  replacement of petroleum, coal and nuclear power
  on our planet.  With  the  revival  of  hemp  we  can forever erase the word  ‘deforestation’ from the
  dictionary, and completely eliminate pollution and  toxins from our  environment.  


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