Hemp for Food

  Although  hemp  leaves  can  be  eaten,
  the  most  nutritious  part  of the plant is
  its seeds. 
  Hemp  seeds  have  been  a  traditional   source of food for thousands of years in   many countries around the world.  They   can be roasted, ground, or used as
  flour to make  products  such  as  hemp
  milk, bread,  butter,  tofu  and   spreads
  for crackers.  Hemp contains 40%  fiber,   which  is  the  highest  of  all commercial   flower grains.

  Not only is hemp seed extremely versatile for the production of food, but it is the most nutr-   itious food in the world.  The nutrients derived from hemp seeds include fats,  minerals and
  amino acids (protein).

  There  are  eight  amino  acids  the  human  body cannot produce on its own and so  they 
  must be consumed  regularly  to maintain health.  These amino acids  are  essential to life
  and  without them one would eventually  become diseased and die.  This  is  why they are
  called essential amino acids, and foods that contain all 8 of  them are considered complete

  Hemp Seeds  not  only contain all of the essential amino  acids, but they contain ALL 20 of
  the amino acids known to man!  Additionally,  these amino acids are very easily  digestible   and there are no known allergies to hempseed.

  At 34.6%  protein, 46.5%  fat, and  11.6% carbohydrates, the nutrient content of shelled   hemp seed is higher than any other seed or nut.

 Hemp, among its many other uses, is the perfect food for human consumption!

  Quick Facts:
  ► Hemp Seeds are the most nutritious seed or nut in the entire plant kingdom.
  ► Hemp Seeds contain all 20 Amino Acids known to man.
  ► The 40% Fiber Content of Hemp Seed Flour is highest of all commercial flour grains.
  ► Hemp Seeds are the highest source of essential fatty acids in the entire plant kingdom.

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