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                                             Industrial Hemp

  Industrial hemp has a THC content of between 0.05 and 1%. Marijuana has a THC content of 3% to
  20%. To receive a standard psychoactive dose would require a person to power-smoke 10-12 hemp   cigarettes over an extremely short period of time. The large volume and high temperature of vapor,
  gas and smoke would be almost impossible for a person to withstand.

  There are many industrial uses for hemp, and here are some of them:

  Hemp has been used to construct rope since the age   of sailing ships.  Hemp's superior strength, durability   and resistance to mold makes it the ideal candidate   for the production of rope.

  More concrete is made each year than any other man-made material.
  This is why Hempcrete is a necessary and excellent replacement for
  the traditional mixture of concrete.  It consists of a mixture of hemp,
  lime, sand, plaster, and cement, and can be used in the same way as   concrete.


  Hemp has been used throughout history for creating   carpet and rugs.  Perhaps the most beneficial aspect   of utilizing hemp for carpet is the elimination of toxic   fumes in newly-created synthetic carpets.


  Hemp can be made into plywood and fiberboard
  and it is twice as strong as wood-based materials.

   Hemp is also a good material to use in the production of
   plastics, particularly because, unlike regular plastics,
   hemp plastic requires no petro chemicals to create it.


   Behold one of the more luxurious products of the
   hemp plant, ceramic-style hemp floor tiles.

  Hemp can be made into fiberglass panels,
  which boast an impact strength of 10 times
  that of steel, and incredibly, are also lighter.

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