Hemp as Medicine  

Cannabis has been in use as medicine since the beginning of human civilization. It is the most versatile medicinal plant substance on the face of the Earth. It has hundreds, if not   thousands of different uses all of which are positive to the individual and society as a whole.
The most important medicinal use of cannabis is its well known ability to promote calm and raise the spirits of those who are ill.

In medicine today, cannabis’ most popular use is to stimulate hunger, reduce nausea,  relieve  eye  pressure  and  reduce pain and stress.
It  is  effective  in  treating every variety of pain, movement disorders, asthma,   glaucoma,   migraines,   fibromyalgia,   inflammatory bowel disease,  multiple sclerosis,  spinal cord injuries, Tourette syndrome, obsessive  compulsive  disorder,  alcohol abuse,  ADHD, all forms of arthritis,    atherosclerosis,    autism,    bipolar,    colorectal    cancer, depression,   diabetic   retinopathy,   dystonia,   epilepsy,   digestive diseases,  gliomas,  hepatitis C,  Huntington’s disease, hypertension, urinary   incontinence,   leukemia,   skin tumours,   morning sickness, methicillin-resistant   Staphylococcus  aureus,   Parkinson’s disease, pruritis,  post traumatic  stress  disorder,  sickle-cell  disease,  sleep apnea,  anorexia  nervosa,  Alzheimer’s disease, all forms of cancer, HIV/AIDS and opiate dependence.

  All illness begins with a spiritual energy deficit or disconnection.   Cannabis restores the   body’s natural balance of energies both   spiritually and physically to promote health and well being on all
  levels within the human body. Therefore, cannabis has the ability
  to treat all ailments known to mankind and help facilitate our
  connection back to nature.    

  This plant is a miracle given to  mankind  as  a  gift  to help keep us
  in good health mentally,   physically and spiritually on the individual
  level and to promote the energies of calm,   creativity and peace for
  the world as a whole. Our world  is  now  in  crisis,  a  crisis  derived
  from people believing things need to be done and controlled. It  is
  this way of thinking that has created the world problems. Cannabis
  is  not  only  a  great  medicine  for  personal  illness  but also as a
  medicine  for  the  world  society  as  a  whole. Nothing needs to be
  done as nature   provides for us, regulates and guides all. The best
  medicine for the world is to relax and  tune  into  nature’s  guidance
  and help her restore the natural balance on this Earth.

 Canadian Rick Simpson has been curing people of
 all  the  aforementioned  illnesses,  conditions  and
 diseases  using  Hemp  Oil  extracted  from  Indica
 Strains of Hemp.

 Note: 'Hemp Oil' that you see in stores is in fact Hemp
 Seed  oil,  not to be confused with the Rick Simpson
 Hemp oil, as  it  does  not include the THC medicine.  

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