Hemp for Paper  

  Hemp is the ideal plant for paper production. Until the late 1800’s, ninety percent of all
  paper was made from hemp.

  One acre of hemp can produce as much pulp for paper as four acres of trees can in a
  twenty year period. When hemp is made into paper, dioxin producing bleach and sulphur
  based acid do not have to be used. Hemp can be recycled up to eight times whereas wood
  pulp paper can only be recycled three times. Hemp could also totally replace grocery store
  and garbage bags as a safe biodegradable fabric bag.

  The utilization of hemp pulp for paper would stop deforestation and produce stronger, more
  environmentally safe paper for less than a third of the cost of current wood pulp without any
  conversion at the paper mills.

  The solution couldn't be more obvious. Hemp is the answer.




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